Author: Dr. Charan Das Sidhu (July, 2013)

Format: Ebook

The play originally in Punjabi is translated into English by the playwright.

Bhajno was first performed in Punjabi at the Shri Ram Centre Basement Theatre, New Delhi, under the playwright's direction on 3 May, 1979, with his group Collegiate Drama Society, Delhi.


Dr. Charan Dass Sidhu has come up with another original script in Punjabi. The scene of the action is a Punjab village. Incidents evolve from and revolve around Bhajno, who also provides the title for the play. The drama as staged by the Collegiate Drama Society in the author's direction at the Shri Ram Centre Basement over the week-end held the audience on the strength of plot, characterization and authenticity of language.

In BHAJNO, Dr. Sidhu's command over the dramatic idiom shows marked improvement. His placement and weaving of incidents is never without an element of surprise. The greatest achievement, however, is the creation of Bhajno. Here is a character that can be found in any village. Gifted with common sense, she has the ability and determination to turn situations in her favour, without deceit but with fair amount of guile and rustic shrewdness. A marvelous role! The drama strikes one with its stark realism. The drinking, brawling peasants constantly struggling against want, deprivation and lack of education stare challenge in the face. Loneliness and sexual frustrations counterpoint the determination of young girls like Pasho to rise above male enslavement and boys like Chhinda to lift t

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